Laurel Creek Cabin
In the beautiful Appalachian Mountains
                             Welcome To Laurel Creek   

     Enjoy music from A River Runs Through It as you read.

    This website is provided for our family and friends to experience our retreat in the Appalachian mountains.  It is also part of a learning experience as we try to keep sharp by experiencing new things like website development.  We will update the photos and content as we acquire new images of our cabin, creeks, and surrounding mountains, and as our web building skills improve.

     Begin by enjoying this photo of our little cabin nestled in a hemlock grove on the banks of our blue ribbon trout stream.  We had dreamed of having a place on a trout stream for many years, and so finding a beautiful site on a pristine mountain stream was a dream come true.

    Planning and building the cabin has provided many hours of recreation and joy.  We have been able to immerse ourselves in this beautiful part of God's earth - fishing the streams, hiking our trails, and observing the abundant wildlife - deer, turkey, bear, grouse, mink, flying squirrels, beaver (not the best of our friends), fox, muskrat, raccoons, a myriad of different birds, trout (we release them all), and a tremendous variety of salamanders - spoken of as "spring lizards" by the mountaineers (including hellbenders up to two feet in length - the largest American salamander).  Spring wildflowers are abundant and beautiful, summer breezes are cool and refreshing, and fall leaves are brilliant and magnificent.  We consider it a joy and privilege to be the caretakers of this place. 

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